Ameridrives SM Series Gear Spindles
Ameridrives SF/SL Series Gear Spindle

Ameridrives Couplings

SM Series

Up to 7,350 kNm;

Designed for high torque mill applications which require rugged strength. Units can operate at high misalignment angles.

  • Fully crowned hub gear teeth
  • One-piece, molded lip-type
  • High degree of strength
  • Advanced gear design increasing torque capacity for a given diameter

Typical Applications

  • Steel Mill Main Drives for Cold and Hot Strip Mills
  • Bar and Rod Mills
  • Auxiliary Mill Drives

Ameridrives Couplings

SF/SL Series

Up to 354 kNm;

Designed for medium torque applications where high misalignment capacity is required.

  • Fully crowned hub gear teeth
  • SL type is used where equipment must be disconnected frequently
  • Gear teeth are heat treated for higher torque ratings
  • One piece molded lip seals

Typical Applications

  • Levelers
  • Uncoilers
  • Tension and Payoff Reels
  • Continuous Casting Equipment
  • Plastic and Rubber Calendars

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