HLD & MLD Series Locking Devices For Wind Turbines

Ameridrives Couplings

HLD & MLD Series
Locking Devices

Up to 6,000 kNm;
4,425,372 ft.lb.

Ameriloc® wind turbine shaft locking devices from Ameridrives provide secure shaft/hub connections.

Ameriloc HLD (Hydraulic Locking Devices) provide significant time savings during installation. With larger
diameters, such as 20.8 in. (530
mm), HLD units can be tensioned
in only a few minutes. Hydraulic
pump required for assembly.

Ameriloc MLD (Mechanical Locking Device) units eliminate the need for keyways or splines, provide unlimited shaft positioning, and feature zero backlash, reduced shaft stress, and high contact pressure for greater torque. The MLD series can fit into smaller installations and requires standard tools to assemble.

Typical Applications

  • Wind Turbines


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