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Solar Panel High Voltage Capacitors

Product: PEEK MultiBeam Couplings

A large household name in the Japanese consumer electronics industry recently sourced an alternative coupling to replace Huco PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) MultiBeam units used in high voltage capacitors. After supplying around 30 machines to a solar panel manufacturer, the electronics giant got a shock when an electrical discharge problem caused one of the machines to malfunction, leading to their recall to be refitted with Huco couplings.

The P.D. across the Huco MultiBeam coupling is 35,000 volts which is why the high dielectric strength PEEK material is needed (20 kV/mm in this particular application). The PEEK material has high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, has good chemical resistance, and very good electrical insulation properties.

Special Huco MutiBeam PEEK Coupling models are available in 25, 32, and 38 mm diameters. They are designed for small amounts of angular misalignment (up to 7 degrees) and radial offset (up to 0.2 mm). Peak torque up to approx. 2.5 Nm.

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PEEK MultiBeam Coupling, Solor Panel Product


Product Highlights

  • High dielectric strength PEEK material utilized (20kV/mm)
  • Up to 2.4 Nm peak torque
  • Up to 7 degree angular misalignment
  • Up to 0.2 mm radial offset

Wind Turbine Drive Shafts

Product: Form-Flex® Couplings

The operators of a large wind farm in the Western US recently needed to update several of their older turbines. They contacted TB Wood’s for flexible couplings to be used in the turbine drive shafts. The customer needed the couplings fast in order to complete the modifications during the low wind season.

TB Wood’s provided (5) Form-Flex flexible shaft couplings that consist of two hubs, a spacer and two high strength carbon steel flexible discs, to meet the application requirements. The Form-Flex couplings featured a splicer type slip spine which allowed the coupling to be collapsed for easy installation. The couplings, installed between the gear drive and the generator, transmit torque with zero backlash while compensating for angular and parallel misalignment between two connected shafts. Units require no lubrication or maintenance.

The couplings were customized and delivered within 7 weeks to meet the customers’ rebuild schedule.

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Form-Flex Couplings, Wind Turbine Product


Product Highlights

  • Torque rating up to 270 kNm; 2,400,000 in.lbs.
  • Units feature a splicer type slip spine for easy installation
  • Zero backlash
  • Five couplings delivered in 7 weeks


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